Nik Spencer HERU Creator

Nik Spencer

Nik Spencer is an entrepreneur and founder of a number of successful start-ups, many within the recycling and resource management sector. The HERU is his latest invention in a lifetime’s quest to divert material from landfill and continue to find better ways to manage resources.

His first resource management business began in 1992. Nik noticed that shredded newspapers provided a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to animal bedding. He began collecting, shredding and selling newspapers developing a business that became one of the largest suppliers of animal bedding in the UK, before selling the business to BIFFA.

From here, Nik started a number of businesses. This included a refuse and recycling vehicle hire company, offering recycled paper collection contracts to local authorities. It was one of the first kerbside collection services in the country, and after extensive government lobbying, the first commercial company to obtain recycling credits. At the time of sale to PFB Ltd in late 2006, WCR Vehicle Hire Ltd was collecting from around 170,000 households.

Nik’s then developed Pure Recycling Ltd. The aim was to build a state of the art automated Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), enabling better segregation of mixed recyclables. In 2010 this business was sold to Kier Group PLC.

However, with an acute passion for environmental sustainability, Nik wanted to refocus his talent into giving the power of resource management to the homeowner. Working in partnership with numerous academics across Europe, Nik developed an idea that would bring the HERU to life.

Nik is married and lives with his wife and two children in Worcestershire.