A Home Energy Resources Unit

Described by the BBC as potentially ‘The Next Dyson’, the patented, micro-scale HERU is designed to fit seamlessly into the curtilage of your domestic property, changing the life course of most items and materials in your home. It provides a method to keep most household items as a resource by using them to power your boiler, moving you away from a linear approach to consumerism (buy, use, dispose), into a circular one, whereby ‘wastes’ never become.

Imagine buying an item, bringing it home, putting the item into use and using the packaging it was wrapped up in to energise your home. The HERU enables you to utilise 100% of most products you buy, without the need to discard anything.

The ground-breaking process is simple to operate, akin to other white goods in the home such as your washing machine or dishwasher. Similarly to other white goods, the HERU requires a water supply, a standard 13-amp electrical power supply and a sewer pipe connection. We synchronise it with your gas or oil boiler so your boiler becomes a hybrid water heating system – meaning it can run via HERU, or revert back to oil or gas as and when needed. The process then uses heat treatment to break materials down and produce an average of 2.5 times the amount of energy used to run the HERU – and all at a standard oven temperature of up to 300°C.

The HERU invention means there are very few items leftover in your home to discard as waste. This massively reduces the need for waste collections and hugely inefficient and expensive waste infrastructure. It generates heat at the place it is required. It addresses fuel poverty. It creates carbon savings. It is a disruptive technology, providing a completely new way of doing things. It is a small, but genius solution to stop waste arising, putting the decision to generate energy and reduce energy bills into your hands.

Siemens control screen on HERU